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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Word About World Cup Tickets - Not The First One

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As many of you know, World Cup tickets are a hot item. However, some of you may not know that FIFA has issued strict rules regarding ticket resale. But for those who think they can't get tickets at all, here's some new information for you.

There are news reports to suggest that some World Cup team representatives sold their allocations to ticket brokers. It's reasonable to suspect that the brokers have engineered a way around the FIFA restrictions and are in the process of selling tickets.

That written, I recommend -- and this is self-serving -- that you buy tickets through StubHub. The reason is that StubHub will reimburse you for any tickets not received for reasons of fraud or scam. But I must inform you that StubHub is very good at repackaging tickets for resale. Thus, if this were to happen, in many cases the ticket posting for sale would never make it to their website.

This can't be said for eBay.

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